Saturday, February 14, 2009

Art Glass Wall-Hanging - Jan 2009

After several larger quilts, I decided I needed to think smaller. This is an expensive habit and I don't always have the patience to see a large quilt come to life!

After Multinomah Falls, I really wanted to pursue more "artsy" quilts. I had a book by Julie Hirota called "Art Glass Quilts". Once again, not knowing what I would get myself into, I thought, "I could do that!'

Well, of course as is my style, I didn't want to use any of the patterns the book came with. But I did see one of hers from her photo gallery that I really liked. So, I traced it, took it to my local copy store to be enlarged, and went from there!

I really enjoyed this style of quilting. I felt like I was being more artistic. Immediately, I wanted to make this for my friend, George.

The photo shown here is the quilt after it had been machine quilted by Margaret Kenning down in Southern CA, and was sent to me by my mom's camera phone. Once I complete the binding, I will take another picture and include the finished product.

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