Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Challenge - Quilting Journal

Inspired by the "letter from our readers" posting in the Oct/Nov 2009 Quilting Arts magazine, I have decided to take up the challenge as Amelia Bacon did, and create a 5" quilt block each week during 2010 and journal about it. Extra inspiration, of course, goes to the movie "Julie & Julia" for getting me back to this blog I created so many months ago and to keep it going by using this site for my weekly journal entries and photos of completed quilt blocks.

So, my first block must be completed by Sunday, January 10th. I have decided my weeks will be Monday-Sunday, that way I have a full weekend in tact for each week to work on my projects.

Is there anyone out there that wants to take up this challenge with me? I'd love to link to your postings as well so that we can motivate and inspire one another to keep on quilting and journaling about it!

Green and Purple X-Block fun!

In December 2009, I created a lap quilt for a good friend of mine who had moved across country. Their new house had lime green walls in the kitchen and living room and was very contemporary. They bought a purple couch to go with the walls and have some fun with color. Well....I decided that a lap quilt was in order to tie them together!

So this is their anniversary/birthday/Christmas/house-warming present.

I used the 6" X-Block cutting tool and did the reverse pattern with a lattice work kind of zig-zag of purple over a lime green background. The back of the quilt is the darker purple fabric.

Photo coming soon!

Girly Rag Quilt

My friend's daughter was turning 4 in September. I was inspired by the story about how she loved cupcakes and had to have them for birthdays. And she loves pink and purple.

I was a Joann's Fabrics, and I saw this flannel cupcake fabric and I thought - well, I've always wanted to do a rag quilt, I should start by making one for Olivia! Her birthday was in a couple of days, and I figured I could get it done.

So, I bought some matching flannels, went home and knocked this out in a couple of days. Olivia loves her quilt and likes to show it off. It is soft and fluffy and matches her bedroom.

These photos were not taken in good light, so they are hard to see the true finished product. It also shrunk WAY more than I thought it would, so in the future, I would make another row and column or 2 so that it didn't turn out so small.