Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week 7 - 2010 Quilt Project

This week was my step-son, Matt's, 18th birthday! This week's block is a tribute to Matt.

Matt loves music. 2 years ago, I made him a quilt for his birthday - the outer border had colorful electric guitars all over it. So, I definitely wanted to use scraps of that in this block.

I then took a photo of Matt from his 18th birthday party, cropped out just his eyes, and applied some fun photoshop tricks. I printed them out onto fabric that can go through the printer, and voila! The eyes on the block are his!

I then took some quirky fun prints and embellished with machine quilting. Again, as I am practicing the satin finish, I tried it again with this block.

Happy Birthday, Matt!

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