Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week #2 - 2010 Quilt Project

Yes...I'm a week late, but with good reason! For week 2 of this project, I was in Virginia and Washington D.C. Therefore, upon my return, I had to play a little catch up and create week 2 and 3 at the same time.

For week 2, I was inspired by my trip to the east coast. Visiting so many historical locations - from the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, to the Berkeley Plantation, to battlefields, museums, and Washington D.C. I saw it all. On many of the tours like at Monticello or Colonial Williamsburg, I paid attention to the fabrics of the day. I also noticed that so much of D.C. is built from beautiful white stone - Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Capitol building, and of course...the WHITE HOUSE. My trip concluded with my first visit to an east coast beach and touching the Atlantic Ocean.

So for this week's quilt square, I dug into my scrap pieces of whites and creams with small floral prints that felt more "period" compared to the typical fabrics that I use. The pattern is reminiscent of all the stone structures that I enjoyed during my travels.

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